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What is your story?

I'm here to help you tell it.


Communicating effectively with customers, partners, the public, investors and employees can be a challenge for startups and household names alike.


But, especially with the rise of content marketing, it's never been more important.


As a writer and strategist, I can help you define what makes your product or service the best on the market, and put it into words that command attention, strike an emotional chord, build trust, compel action, and deliver results.


I will work with you one-on-one, or in collaboration with your marketing team or ad agency, to craft your message - whether you need a new website, thought leadership content, an ad campaign or brochure - and hit the mark.


What are your goals? Tell me, and I'll find the words to help you reach them.



Copyediting & Proofreading

Content Development/SEO

Marketing Communications

B2B and B2C

Articles & Newsletters

Ghost Writing

Blogs & Social Media

Advertising (digital & print)

Press Releases

Technical Writing

Naming/Brand Identity


Cindy L'Esperance

Seven Stones, Inc.

+1 (980) 949-8938

"I have hired Cindy on a plethora of projects, and she is a great asset to our company. Her deliverables are highly organized and accurate. She also communicates well with my clients and manages the project schedule. She is truly the best in her field!"


—Courtney Darling
Principal/Creative Director,
Darling Design

My Story

My name is Cindy L'Esperance. I've been writing and editing professionally since the previous century, when I took a job with a startup ad agency in my home state of Rhode Island. I was one of only two employees, apart from the co-founders. Being the type of person who has to keep busy or go nuts, I got involved in all aspects of the business. Five years later, I left what had grown into a fairly rowdy mid-sized agency somewhere near Boston with 40+ employees.


My next role was as a technical writer with a software startup, also near Boston. They knew they needed user manuals and training materials. But as I discovered, they also needed marketing and PR, so I got that going. Within eight months the  business grew 400% and at some point I was promoted to Marketing Communications Manager.

How It Works
More Endorsements

Every project, and every relationship, starts with a conversation. Tell me about your company and what you would like to achieve. I'll tell you how I can help.


When we decide to work on a project together, we'll agree on pricing (either flat fee or hourly) and work out a time frame. I'll ask a lot of questions. When I know what I need to know, I'll get to work. You can expect to receive a first draft in a timely manner. Based on your feedback, I'll keep working with you until we have your website, brochure, ad, etc. exactly where you want it.


What I offer: I handle all writing and editing (mostly copyediting but also structural editing), plus any research needed as part of the process. If you need a new website or redesign, I can also help plan the navigation and optimize your content for search engines.


Depending on the project, you may also need a designer. If you don't have one, I can find one for you. Same goes for programmers. I've been in this business for a long time, and I know some very talented people.

BD&H: Website

Marketing Agency

Design: BD&H

"Cindy is simply wonderful! She always 'gets' what we're looking for and consistently delivers great work. She's smart, easy to work with, and a true professional. I highly recommend her. Just don't take her away from us!"


—Suzy Jurist, President,
SJI Associates Design and Advertising


"Cindy L'Esperance is a remarkably versatile, thorough and professional copywriter and collaborator. An absolute joy to work with. I always know I'm in very capable hands when working with Cindy, and that I'll get much more than I can possibly imagine."


—William Sloan, Executive Vice President Creative Director, First Generation and Author, Different from Normal


"Eloquent. Precise. Professional. And always a pleasure! Over the years, I've come to expect nothing but elegant and concise results, delivered on time, because that's what I have always received without fail. We've even taken home a few awards!"


—Therese Berkowitz

Creative Director,

Time Warner Cable (former)


“Cindy is really brilliant and creative in her writing, with astonishingly fast turnout. I really enjoy working with her!”


—Max Salmi, Partner / Communications Director at oikos creative lab


“I have worked with Cindy on a number of projects over the years, and consider her much more than a copywriter. Part writer and part strategist, she pours a range of skills and talents into helping her clients achieve their goals. This is her #1 priority. In addition to being focused on her clients’ success, she is always a pleasure to work with. Extremely reliable, always on time, and a gifted communicator.”


—Stephanie Agresta, EVP, Global Director of Digital Strategy and Social Media, Porter Novelli (former) and
Perspectives on Social Media

Metro Loft Management: Brochure (The Crest)

Residential Real Estate

Design: Posner Advertising

Manos del Peru: Website


Design: Sarah Skapik

“Cindy is a sharp writer who is able to quickly grasp complex technology, how it works and how best to market it. As Director of Marketing and Analysis for Time Warner Cable, I worked with Cindy on numerous campaigns where Cindy tackled all the demographic nuances involved in the composition of the market segment selected. Additionally, TWC has hired Cindy as a consultant in her current capacity as a business owner. I give Cindy my highest recommendation.”


—Drew Utman, Senior Director, Marketing Analytics, Time Warner Cable


"Cindy is a terrific copywriter, skilled at both 'white page' writing and editing of current materials. She crafted all of the copy for our corporate website -- and it was dead-on for strategy and tone from round one, enabling us to launch the site in 11 days, start to finish. Cindy is thorough, easy to work with, and an excellent communicator -- she's a valuable part of our extended marketing team."


—Karen Swanson, Principal, Nauset Strategic Partners, Inc.

Strativity: Be.Lead.Do


Web-Based Training
Design: The Mixx


Time Warner Cable: Direct Mail


Capella: Wedding Brochure


Design: Posner Advertising

A few years later I moved to New York City for a senior copywriter position at Doubleday. As part of the New Product Development team, I worked with editorial and marketing staff to create and promote niche book clubs. Once a club was deemed commercially viable, I would train another writer to take it over, and move on to the next.


I eventually left Doubleday to join Len Dugow & Associates, a boutique ad agency in Manhattan. LDA specialized in luxury brands, mostly real estate. I worked on key accounts until the agency suddenly disbanded. (That one's a mystery.)


My next role was with Posner Advertising, a mid-sized ad agency, where I worked with designers and account execs on marketing campaigns in real estate, healthcare, hospitality and various other industries. I also worked with senior management on business development, organizing and writing proposals and creating sales presentations.


I later joined the marketing team at Time Warner Cable (now Spectrum). They were launching a new phone service at the time, so I got involved in the big national initiative. It wasn't long before we had one million subscribers, and I still have the beach towel to prove it. Ongoing, I worked on campaigns for TV, internet and phone services, and was promoted to Copy Supervisor.


Finally, after moving to Charlotte, NC, I struck out on my own in 2006 and - enabled by an amazing network back in New York - started my freelance business, Seven Stones, Inc. Strategic Writing Services. I am the principal writer and editor, and occasionally call on select people to help.


I take pride in a few things:

  • All of my clients are repeats and referrals, and also lovely, smart people. That's kind of a requirement.

  • I'm good at capturing a distinct brand personality and tone in my writing - then jumping to a different brand, audience and subject matter like a caffeinated spider monkey and doing the same thing. But differently.

  • I am quite possibly insanely picky when it comes to editing. This is a good thing if you want your written communications to be polished and professional. Maybe not such a good thing if you're me and the recollection of a missed typo haunts you in the night.

  • Having cut my teeth in ad agencies, I am no stranger to tight deadlines and sudden changes.

  • My business has survived the financial crisis, the coronavirus, and countless bad hair days!

Email me to ask questions or request a resume.

Dr. Amy Wechsler Dermatology: Website

Design: Darling Design

LuxoRio Multimedia Kit: Creativity 37 Gold Award, Collateral Material Webby Honoree; Creativity 37 Gold Award; W3 Website Excellence Awards, Silver Winner; Davey Awards, Gold Winner

(Website is no longer live, as 100% of units have sold.) W3 Website Excellence Awards, Silver Winner; Davey Awards, Silver Winner


Time Warner Cable “Give Wonder” Direct Mail: CTAM (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing) Mark Award for Excellence in Cable Marketing


The Crest at 63 Wall Street Brochure: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Pillars of the Industry Award, Best Brochure

Additional writing samples and references are available upon request.


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Virtual teams, real advantages

Most of my clients do not have offices anywhere near me. Some are not even on the same continent. And - as many people are discovering for the first time - it works just fine. Many companies find that remote workers are more productive.


As a virtual member of your team, I am reliable and responsive, proving it is possible to deliver quality, collaborative work on time without being on site. My clients save the considerable costs associated with full-timers, while getting the results they need.


Contact Me
And More...

Got a rough draft scribbled on a cocktail napkin?

A few bullet points sketched out in your head?

Web content written on parchment scrolls?

Nothing? I can work with it.


A colleague of mine once put it this way: “I give her crayon, she gives me back calligraphy.” I try. I care. I want my clients to succeed in their endeavors, and I do what I can to help make that happen.

“Always great work and always great to work with. A good combination!”


—Alaine Bollinger, Senior Vice President/Principal, BD&H Marketing


"I used Cindy's services in a delicate moment of my company, when we needed to globally launch the new version of our platform, and she was able to work with us on a timely manner and, more important, giving us that extra out-of-the-box expertise that really made the difference on our communication strategy. We then used her services again on proofreading the website, and again she delivered more than excellent work."


— Simone Tarantino, Management Consultant/COO, iCoreTech Inc.

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Cindy L'Esperance

Seven Stones, Inc.

+1 980 949 8938

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